A holistic way to improving your body, mind and spirit.

                    I am a Psychic, healer, clairvoyant. I have come to promote healing through an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and non-judementalism. IM ONLY CHARGING $100 PER SESSION . 


       I bring you healing and well-being through heavens helpers . A  holistic approach is utilized for your satisfaction and happiness.


          The hour long session feels kind, joyous and peaceful. You feel very safe when we do OUR sittting/reading. The 'Company of Heaven'  ( Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters) which are loving, gentle and very helpful BRING US GRACE.


          These Heavenly Beings allow for a wide arena of healing modalities.  This in turn   allows us greater fulfillment and  satisfaction in life. Everyone sees the world in their own way so your session is "tailor made just for you" . I am always  able to find the right approach with the help of your angels and guides which I see ,hear and feel. Blessings to you !

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